Why you should own a cat

If you like watching cat videos and the thought of having a cat in your house excites you, then maybe you should own a cat. Here, we have composed reasons of why you should own a cat, perhaps after reading this article, you might want to start adopting those cute felines.

Cats owner are more likely to have a better health

Numerous studies have shown that cat owners will have a better mental health, lower risk of heart attack and an improved immune system. Cats also have a potential to prevent your children from having asthma or specific allergies in later life as they grow up.
It is proven that spending time with your cats for 15 to 30 minutes also improves your mood, and how this works is by playing with our cats our serotonin level increases which promote the feeling of well-being.

Tip: if you want your cat to be extra safe for your kids, consider getting some kitten or feline vaccine. These vaccines will help you get rid of fleas and rabies, which could be dangerous for you and your children.

asjkdhaskdjCats can save your life

This reason applies to all cats and dogs, but cats have heightened senses when a natural accident or some incident is going to happen. There have been many stories where a cat warn their owner when a gas leaking occurs, without warning from the cat the gas leaking could lead to an explosion.

Tip: if you’re one to lock your cats in a cage, don’t! How else are they going to warn you if something’s going to happen.

Keep rodents at bay with your cat

If you have mice problems, getting a cat might be the solution without using any natural chemicals or traps that might hurt your children. Without hunting around, a cat’s smell can be enough to keep mice away from your house, and especially your kitchen.

Tip: avoid having rat poison in your house as your cat might eat it, which could be very dangerous for the poor feline.

Low maintenanceasdasds

Dogs need constant attention and a walk. Cats, on the other hand, are more low maintenance, they require less to no bath, and most of their toys are identical as they only like one thing, to scratch stuff.

Tip: if you’re on a budget there’s a lot of DIY on how to make some ball yarns or toys for your cats.…